Re: secondary forms

Hi Malcolm,

I have a 1 foot diameter coil with a stack of 2, 14 inch toroids.  They 
are 4 inch cross section and spaced about 6 inches apart.  Indeed, the 
Fo does go down more with 2 than with 1 toroid, but the breakout 
voltage seems to be about the same (although I have not formally 
measured it).

If your aluminum spinner has hemisphere molds, you might want to go 
with the circle of spheres idea a la my big coil.  This provides you 
with a VARIABLE diameter toroid just by using different length radial 


>    And in connection with terminals, there's an idea I want to 
>explore that involves mounting two moderate sized toroids, one
>above the other to form a larger "virtual" toroid. I don't know
>what the outcome will be but I intend to try it to compare volt-
>age holdoff with a single large terminal.
>    Any thoughts on these is most welcome.