Re: Sparks

>How about running down the system specs a bit more?

Thanks for the congratulations!  This project never would have 
materialized without the sharing of knowledge and resources
found within this group.  

As first fired, below are what I was working with:

Primary 100' of .250 copper tubing wound in a very shallow saucer.
Secondary 700 or so turns of 22ga enameled magnet wire on a 4"
acrylic tube covered with 2 coats of Behr build 50.
Torroid 3" X 20" alum dryer duct covered with alum tape.
Condenser Products .025-at-20kv capacitor
Four 1.5" dia copper tubes gaped about .015-.018" each with my
shop vac pointed at them.
1- 60ma -at-15kv neon
Variac 120v 20a
Safety gap at a quarter of an inch from each side to ground.
One ground rod drilled and pounded through the basement floor.

I could not get sparks to break out of my next larger torroid (4"X
30").  I played, and it tried, but it wouldn't break.
The whole system was wired with 12ga solid copper.  I have changed
over the primary to 6ga but need a "clip" for the moveable secondary
tap.  Took off the neon and hooked up my 6kva Thorardson and the big
variac with the welder and bypass caps and filters.  May have another
report somtime this weekend....