Re: Magnet Wire...

>As for the premier coating, I am going to be using an insulating varnish
>from EIS, it's specs are as follows:
>601 Red Insulating Varnish
>(a) dries in 60 min.
>(b) abrasion and wear resistant
>(c) high-arc resistance
>(d) non-tracking properties
>(e) dielectric strength up to 2100 V/mil
>(f) used for motor windings and transformers
>I have used this stuff before and have no complaints with it.  It is easy to
>apply (comes in a spray can) and dries fast.  It is extremly durable and gives
>the coil a smart appearence after it is finished.  The dielectric srength of
>this stuff is exceptional, never had any breakdowns with stuff.
>I order directly from EIS but I am sure it can be found else where.  I usually
>by 1 case (12 cans) at about $2.50(usd) per can.
        It sounds great, but who is EIS?