Re: Annoyed Neighbor

>>From scotty-at-wesnet-dot-com Wed Feb 28 07:12 MST 1996
>Well everyone, I've had my first problem with bothering the neighbors
>with radio waves.  I was experimenting with progressively larger and
>larger toroids.  I got to the point where the coil wasn't breaking out
>and was transmitting a large RF field.  The next thing I new I heard my
>neighbor yelling for me between runs.  He's a rather crotchety old guy
>who has no patience for anyone.  He let me know in a not so nice
>fashion that I was disturbing his radio reception.  I don't want to
>cause him any more trouble, so I guess its time to build a Faraday cage.
>I'm off to get some chicken wire.
>Scott Myers
        I had similar problems with my friend across the street. In this
case, I had my RF and AC grounds tied together at the neon. The sparkgap
noise was running to my wall socket up the drop line to the Power Company's
pole pig and down my neighbors drop line to his tv. As soon as I put a 550uH
inductor between my RF and AC grounds his problem went away. However, my RF
ground was now hot. I'd been using a 2' by 3' window screen as a ground and
had thought it had been working because I could not light an NE2 off of it.
Now I can overdrive a LARGE neon bulb! I had to go to 4' by 12' of screen to
get back down to a reasonable ground. I haven't figured out where to put in
a good ground rod system yet because my yard has to much decorative concrete
in it.

Double check you house ground system for RF, connect a long wire to the cold
water pipe and solder the other end to a NE2. Use the other lead of the NE2
as a sniffer on various pieces of metal, house ground, etc.