Re: Transformer basics

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>>My questions are, has anybody wound their own before and if so could you
>>me any practical advice such as ball park core weight for a 2-3 KVA xfrmr,
>>practical dimensions obtained and how the H.V. winding was wound for good 
>>insulation i.e. is it nessacery to varnish impregnate the windings ect.

I rebuilt a blown up bombarder transformer for a neon shop a few years ago.
(I traded my work for 8 15kv 60 ma xfmrs!) It put out 20kv-at-800ma, an open air
design. It is a bit more power than your range, but thought you would be
interested in it's details.
It had 4 secondaries wired in series,each winding about 1.5" wide and
about12-15" dia. the winding would start with about 20 turns (looked
like20-22g if I remember), then you wrap a layer of insulating material (many
many different options here!), another 20 turns, a layer of insulating
material, and so on.
I also have used that technique in winding transformers that would step up
12v to 3kv for small battery powered neon lamps.
For what it's worth.

            Kevin M. Conkey