Re: Bad Day -at- Coil Corral....

I balk at paying new meter prices and after over a year of accumulating
parts I have yet to find decent meters at what I consider reasonable
prices.  Bite the bullet for the meter cause is right around the 
corner. I'm sure that my gaps are the problem at this point.  Getting 
over 2' of occasional breakout tonight with the welding cable in the 
tank circuit.  This is still with the current at minimum setting.  I 
only have 15 amp fuses in my control disco box so max gross draw is 
less than that.  That tip for the moveable secondary tap does pay off.
Rumaged through one of my junk boxes and came up with a heavier spring
to boot.  The rotary is not going to happen real soon.  I have to live
with the static gaps for a while yet.  On a more personal note, I'm
having a ball playing with this thing.....


>You should try monitoring the primary currrent and voltage of the
>transformer.  This would tell you a little more about what's going on. 
>a transformer that will put out 500ma I still think a rotary gap would 
>your problem.  I think your gaps are not quenching.  
>Ed Sonderman