Re: Another Cap Order

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> Dear Richard,

> I am interested in ordering a cap with you guys.
> I am in the process of getting a 5kw xfmr, what would be a good
> value cap for this xfmr. same question for using a 10kw xfmr 
> (eventually).

You want a .025 up to a .05 microFarad capacitor.

> Also, what does Condensor Products do differently in 
> manufacturing their caps form the ones that you roll at home?

The caps are assembled in a clean room. After assembly each unit
is vacuum pumped to outgas the units, then they are backfilled
with HV rated mineral oil to normal pressure. Only then are the
caps sealed and high-pot tested. The dense construction that is
obtained from commercial manufacturing techniques also means the
resulting capacitor has a much higher value per unit volume, and
the capacitor is also much more durable. A commercial capacitor
will provide equal value (in microFarads) and voltage rating with
a homemade capacitor that is about eight times larger. 

> Is that type of cap as good as a homemade plate cap? Doesn't a
> rolled cap have more impedence and less pulse capability than a
> stacked plate cap?

These are extended foil construction which produces a high value
in a small volume. The design offers the best qualities of
stacked caps and rolled caps, without the high inductance
problems of the rolled caps. They are engineered specifically for
pulse discharging. When compared to homemade, these extended foil
caps actually have less inductance because the design reduces the
amount of internal buss wiring.

Make no mistake, these are top of the line caps designed and
built to meet the demanding needs of todays high performance
Tesla coiler.

Richard Quick

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