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> Thanks again Richard for all yyour help...

> I have chosen the 8" PVC and have decided on the 22awg
> I wet sanded the form this evening, and prepared a dryer..it is
> drying now, and I will come back to it in a couple of days.

You are on the right path.

> I have cut a total of four 1/4" plexi-glass circles to use..two
> on the ends, and two in the center (cut to fit INSIDE)...are 
> these center supports overkill? 


> I already cut them to fit so unless they pose a problem (like 
> the solvet leaving residual gas) I was going to put them
> inside. (feel free not to respond if it has no adverse effects,
> I dont want to hassle you too much !!! )

Hell I am married and have a nine year old step-son. They hassle
me. This is my "relaxation"...


Placing baffles inside of the coil form will reduce the coil Q.
Using solvent based adhesives create an explosion hazard. 

I have wound enough coils that I have made nearly every possible
mistake, including the use of internal baffles and solvent based
adhesives. I have had coils explode because they failed due to
dielectric weakness, and the adhesive used in construction left a
residual flammable vapor trapped in the coil form which ignited.

I feel I have made enough mistakes that I should be qualified to
instruct others (though I am still learning myself); I created
the COILBLD series of text/graphics files to provide very
specific instructions that detour around known pitfalls. End caps
(only), and epoxy or other non-solvent adhesives.

Richard Quick

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