Hi All,

        I'm new to the internet and to your fantastic netserv. My name is
Rick and from what I've read the past couple of weeks it's a wonder that any
of my coils ever worked at all! I want to say thanks to Chip for quickly
adding me to the list and for all the information sent with my confirmation.
I must confess I had no idea there were other Tesla freaks :) in the world;
I thought I was alone. This is such a relief!

        I may be showing my lack of internet experience, but I wanted to
share my discovery that double sided PC board blanks seem to make decent
capacitors. I etch a 3/4 inch border on them and solder the leads on. I've
used these on a 7.5kv neon with no breakdown. Of course, I have no idea what
their efficiency is, but I imagine Mr. Quick has stumbled across this before
and may have some data for us (I hope I'm not presuming upon Mr. Quick).

        Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi, and I'll be listening!

Rick Holland
The answer is 42.