Bryan, Greg and Dave wrote:

> > >Does anyone have a good source for copper magnet wire?  We are looking for
> > stuff up into the #12 range.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Bryan and Greg
> I am also looking for wire to coil with, 18-20 ga.
> Thanks
> Dave Huffman

    I've been very fortunate with finding wire--we make electric 
motors at work.  The snag is that the small rolls are about 250 lb. 
and the big ones around 500 lb.  I am just planning on winding at 
work.  My recommendation is to search the closest big city near you 
for a motor repair shop.  It seems that about 1/3 of the 
distributors we have have the name "Electric Motor Repair" or 
"Electric Motor Service" Inc.  Try those names or the yellow 
pages.  They would be able to sell you the smaller amount that would 
be required for a single coil, at a price lower than most other 
sources.  I would suggest that you try to get a wire similar to an 
Essex MR200 series.  This particular type has an extra heavy build 
of varnish with a 200 Degree centigrade rating--it is a very good 
wire. Magnet wire comes with several different varnish thickness 
choices, the MR200 is the heaviest that I am aware of.

Chuck Curran