Re: Need Help With Capacitor

>>From chip Sun Feb  4 16:42 MST 1996
>Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 16:42:26 +0700
>From: chip (Chip Atkinson)
>To: tesla
>Subject: Re: Need Help With Capacitor
>Your pulse discharge is going to oscillate
>however: a smooth wide strap will have the lowest resistance to
>this type of energy.
>Since my garage is about 20 degrees below freezing, I thought I would make
>some caps indoors.  I was thinking of using wide straps instead of the
>6 gauge wire that I used in my other cap.  The question is how wide is 
>wide enough?  I was leaning towards a few 2" straps placed along
>the length of the conductor, thereby reducing inductance.  The conductor
>is about 10 or 12 mils thick aluminum.
   Two inches is too wide.I use 1-inch Litz Wire(Battery Cable).Never had
any problems.
It is true  the 2-inch banding would have less inductance,but what a size
   I base this statement on experience...not opinion.There is always a
practical limit to parameters.Try the 2-inch stuff,but for the trouble of
construction,I don't see the added benefit.