Re: Measuring inductive limits (was Re: Rotary Sparkgap)

In reply to Wes,

>  The few fields texts that do the analysis for a shunt limited 
> transformer also show the shunt producing an effective series 
> inductance, so this is as it should be. Could you describe the 
> setup you used to separate out the resistive and inductive  
> parts? Since the inductance is kind of a virtual thing, inside 
> the fields of the transformer iron, as it were, I've never  
> come up with a really good way of measuring it.  

I've just sent a post on how to estimate transformer power.
Some of the ideas expressed therein can be used. But the real
one is to measure the Q of the circuit. Since you can measure
R directly, and since Q = Xl/R, you can calculate Xl and hence
    More directly, L = (Q x R)/(2 x PI x f)

    You can also use Q = 1/R x SQRT(L/C) in the form :

    L = Q^2 x R^2 x C