Measuring inductive limits (was Re: Rotary Sparkgap)

 "Malcolm Watts" <MALCOLM-at-directorate.wnp.ac.nz> wrote: 
>               I measured my 12kV 60mA neon into a short circuit at 
> 58mA. The limiting is almost entirely inductive Xl about 200kOhm, 
> Rdc about 30kOhm. Phase angle around 80 degrees.           

 The few fields texts that do the analysis for a shunt limited 
transformer also show the shunt producing an effective series 
inductance, so this is as it should be. Could you describe the 
setup you used to separate out the resistive and inductive  
parts? Since the inductance is kind of a virtual thing, inside 
the fields of the transformer iron, as it were, I've never  
come up with a really good way of measuring it.  

Wes B.