Seagate Quench Gap

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I really loved the Seagate HDD quench gap post. It tweaked my
interest. If you can work out the details and get this going
reliably it will do quite a few of us a nice favor. 

A couple of pointers:

Forget conductive epoxy for any Tesla tank circuit connection.
The resistance is too high and it will carbonize when the lower
resistance arc burns through it.

Keep the unit cool. You may even require a cooling loop to
maintain long life of neoprene gaskets.

Quench gaps offer a unique series of experiments once they are
operating reliably. IMO the best quench gaps are the Telefunken
design (very, very close to your homemade idea) with mica
gaskets. Mica gaskets, if you check around, are no longer
available in the modern world... (anybody want to sell a
Telefunken gap?)

I guess I should not say that. They are available if you know the
right people (owner of a mica mine?) and have them custom cut. 
A set of 12 mica gaskets 5" in diam. x 5 mils thick would set you
back a few hundred easily. 

I would appreciate hearing about viable substitutes.

Richard Quick

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