Quenching Gaps

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> Thank you for responding to me query on spark gaps.  I 
> appreciate your quick response. 

I hope it helped.

> I have enough equipment at my work to construct any one of the
> gaps you explained.  I am running my small 15-60 neon in my 
> house and I don't want to have the spark gap so loud that it 
> disturbs others, but if need be i would even run the air blast
> gap outside to get good performence. 

There is a difference between good performance and excellent
performance. Nine times out of ten, good solid performance is
quite acceptable. 

> Would it be feasible to build a quench gap for this type of 
> coil.  I have the equipment to vacuum all the free air out of 
> the enclosure and back fill it with pure nitrogen at my work. 
> Could you give me some idea of what type of plates of 
> electrodes i would use and a little more informaiton about the
> construction of this type of gap. 

See the post coming up in Chip's group about the "SEAGATE QUENCH
GAP". This sounds like the most practical approach I have seen in
many months.

> If you think this would be a good idea let me know what type 
> of gap would be a good performer for my 15-60 neon.

Don't use the quench gap. Quench gaps are highly application
specific and will not provide the best spark on many 1/4 wave
systems. Quench gaps are used where there is no light or noise
permitted from gap system (stage coil for instance). They are
probably the best gaps to use on wireless power/transmitter
systems because the tank circuit rings for a long time resulting
in a smoother wave train.

In a spark producing 1/4 wave coil, like most of us are building/
firing, you want a sharper switching gap system. In my experience 
the beginning neon coiler is best off with a simple cylinder
static gap. They are pretty quiet, don't produce a lot of glaring
arc light, and have considerable room for customizing with
baffled ducting for instance to further decrease the noise factor
and remove toxic arc gasses at the same time. 

Richard Quick

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