Re: pwr.txt

Hi Dan,

> I have attached a .gif image of a schematic diagram for a Tesla
> power supply.  This is just the part of the system to power the
> Tesla Coil and does not actually contain the main Tesla circuit.
> I am interested if anyone has any comments about the design.  I
> am thinking about current limiting my main power transformers
> T1 & T2 with T3 and power resistor R2.  I do not yet have T3
> but am thinking about using 2 battery charger transformers in
> series for a 28 volt drop.  This should yield about 24 amps for
> T1 & T2.

I only see 2 things missing.

(1)  Where are the filter capacitors?  They should be behind the the
filter chokes.  One side should go to the RF ground.

(2)  The safety gap should have a center RF ground reference.  It
should not be arcing across the transformer bushings.

Other than that, it looks pretty good.  By the way, what are those 3
things that are drawn in on the left that look like transistors?
Are they supposed to be indicators or LED's?

Scott Myers