This Old Tesla Coil

Tesla Group,

Thank you for including me in your forum.

Friday (yesterday), I received a 540lb. shipping palette containing my 
old coil, the “Veikko Mark II”. This coil and I are pictured in the file 
jwp1.uue now in the Tesla Group’s file storage area. Sadly, the coil was 
left in my parents east coast garage for a number of years semi-exposed 
to the weather and now needs restoration. I plan on incorporating many 
design improvements and, of course, more power!

The restoration of this coil will be documented on a Webzine called 
“This Old Tesla Coil” which will be updated monthly as the project 
progresses. All of you are invited to stop by to offer suggestions or 
just watch us work.

The address is ... “www.DigitalDesignLabs-dot-com/Tesla.html”

Jeff W. Parisse