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My apologies if the questions in this email have been answered
10 times over by now.  I just signed on and am building a new coil :)

Inventory -

    20 X 5 torroid (from American Welding & Supply)
    12KV transformer -at- .12A sunk in oil
    .025uf cap rated at 50KV (DC)
    Spool of #26 magnet wire
    Large 3 gang variac

Questions -

Secondary Coil:

The size of the secondary is based upon the size of my torroid.
According to the TESLAC program, I need 1800 - 4000 watts to drive
this properly.	This program assumes that I use a helix that is
8" - 12" in diameter.  According to the TCBA article written by
Richard Hull, that diameter is too big.  My thoughts are that I should
use a 6" diameter form that is 15" in length.  Does this sound okay?

Also, I have heard that gray PVC pipe is reasonable for a coil form...?

Main Transformer:

12KV -at- .12A is approximately 1440 Watts.  According to the TESLAC
program this is not enough power for the secondary and torroid.  The
transformer is sunk in oil.  I think I can push the power rating of the
transformer to at least double for Tesla Coil operation.  If I capacitively
load the transformer to double it's rating, will this work? Or will the
transformer core saturate and not give better performance?

.025uf CAP:

This is a DC cap.  Will this work okay in this type of a system?  Also,
The reactance of the cap should load the 12KV transformer to around .1A
at 60 cycles, if I do not add additional capacity will this amount of
power drive the secondary system as stated above?

Spark Gap:

I am building an 8 pole stationary gap in a brass housing that will be
air tight.  I want to quench the gap rapidly and am thinking about pulling
a vacuum on the spark housing.  Will this work?  Should I be filling the
housing with a "magic" gas, or pressurizing the housing?