Pigs in Mich.

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> Dear Richard,

> Can you tell me exactly what these types of transformers are 
> and what they are used for at the power co. and in a Tesla 
> coil? Also, why no taps? 

Pole Pigs, or just "pigs" for short are power distribution
transformers of the type found on utility poles for stepping down 
voltage for residential/commercial use. Coilers run these high
voltage transformers in reverse to supply the Tesla tank circuit.

Taps are really just bells and whistles. You don't need them.
Taps are installed to obtain slightly different voltages. For
instance a pig might have taps to supply: 115 volts, 117.5 volts,
and 120 volts from the low voltage winding. We can control an
entire range of input voltages by using a variac. 

Quoting Richard Quick:

   > Wanted:
   > 1) 14,400 V, 1.5 - 3 kVA potential transformer
   > or
   > 2) 14,400 V, 5 kVA pig, two bushings, no taps
   > or
   > 3) 14,400 V 10 kVA pig, two bushings, no taps
   > Just so you know what to look for :-)

Richard Quick

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