Re: Welder replacement

>Subject: Re: Welder replacement
>How would you determine what size welder to use with a particular 
sized xfmr?
>                                         Kevin M. Conkey
I bought what was cheap and on sale.  Thats the truth.  
Being a little more real, I looked for a unit that had
variable reactance so adjustments could be made while 
under power.  The primary is rated for 40 amps continuous,
and 50 intermittent.  With 6,000 watts of resistive ballast
in parallel, the total current regulating capacity will be
higher that the 40/50 rating.  I also removed the core from
the original case and will have a fan or 2 blowing over it
when I move to bigger power inputs.  That should help the
duty cycle even more.