Re: TC Electrostatics (fwd)

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> > Subject: Re: TC Electrostatics (fwd)
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> Subject: Re: TC Electrostatics (fwd)
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> > > Subject: Re: TC Electrostatics (fwd)
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> > Subject: Re: TC Electrostatics (fwd)
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> > Finally, all coilers worth there salt have experienced the hard shock
> > which occurs just outside the spark radius of of small systems when
> > holding a metallic object.  As the sparks just lap at the tip of the
> > object, each hit yields a sharp shock.  You were at a DC potential
> > (charged up isotropically via emitted ions) while not in contact with the
> > spark which found its ground path back through the coil. (you were
> > discharged)  As you approch the terminal and the discharge is continuous,
> > all sensation of shock ceases as you are now part of the resonant circuit
> > via a plasma connection and the RF passes harmlessly over the skin.  You
> > are no longer isolated as a capacity and can't accept a DC charge via the
> > "ion bridge".
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> > Richard Hull, TCBOR
> I have been puzzled by this phenomenon while playing with a small coil. A
> copper pipe brought close to the toroid would produce a shock in some
> instances and no sensation in others.
> Its like Wonderland 'things just get curiouser and curiouser'
> D. Huffman


Yep,  If you rush right in to take the discharge and stop in the middle 
of the white hot arc stream, you are fine... no shock.  But, if you stand 
near the coil while operating, gathering your intestinal fortitude, you 
are being charged!  If you now timidly approach the arcs with the wand, 
with that first contact, ....OUCH!  You've been Van de graffed! 
(ionically and ironically)  That's what you get for being an isotropic 
capacitor in your rubber soled Rebocks!

Richard Hull, TCBOR