Re: "DC drive"

Edward V. Phillips wrote:

> Subject: Re: "DC drive"
> GL wrote: 
> > The resonant charger is a 2.5H, 10A, 28kV reactor in series with the output
> > of the rectifier stack,  which gives the charging ckt a ringing frequency
> > of about 150 Hz (Cpri = 0.495uF).
>         Wow!  That is really a setup.  Where did those parts come from,
> how much do they weigh, and (it's really none of our business) how much
> did they cost?  A friend of mine at a former place of employment designed
> and built a 1.3 henry, 1000 amp inductor.  The mechanical design alone
> took months.
> Ed Phillips

I was fortunate enough to find a de-commissioned klystron test station at a 
scrapyard in San Francisco.  This station was used by Varian/Eimac to test 
their XK5 class 50MW klystrons, and included the gun utilities, vacuum pumps,
and a 100kVA pulsed modulator system [360PPS].  The guys there said that I
could have all of it, except for the vacuum equipment, if I would repair their 
large hydraulic trash compactor.  It was a dirty job, but well worth it IMO.

The reactor listed above is roughly an 18" cube, and weighs about 150 lbs.
The 3-phase DC supply section weighs about 1200 lbs.
The primary circuitry and rotary gap weigh about 1100 lbs.
The secondary coilform w/toroid weighs about 500 lbs.

Yes, I'll bet that 1kA inductor was quite a project!  650,000 Joules of stored
magnetic energy is nothing to sneeze at!  The reactor on my coil only stores 
125 Joules max.  What was such a huge inductor used for?