Re: wire gauge/signal gen.

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>> Would be happy to talk to other beginners in the field or anyone
>> interested in UNUSUAL coil designs.  You can e-mail me direct at:
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>Unusual coil designs?  Please expnd upon this.  TTYL!
>Paul Anderson

I have long been interested in Tesla's research and inventions, but
especially interested in Tesla coils.  Due to financial constraints, I
have spent more time  doing research and coming up with variations of
his original ideas than doing actual hands on experimenting.  I had
played with the idea of using two coils out-of-phase to be able to
double the tension between the terminals (as well as double the arc
length) long before I came across any references to bi-polar coils. 
Since I realized this had been done already, I started mulling over the
idea of a tri-polar coil.  This would consist of three coils arranged in
a triangular fashion and each running 120* out of phase.  I thought that
the phasing could be accomplished my using solid-state electronics
driving power-tubes.  I had also pondered the idea of using one driver
for all three coils using a design similar to a phase-shift circuit in
an oscillator only on a mega-scale, having 0*shift on the first coil,
120* shift on the second coil and 240* shift on the third.  I realize
that this design probably has no practical use and would be difficult to
build, but it would be a very interesting design to see actually running.
 After all, my interest in Tesla coils is generated from the desire to
explore areas that are not yet well known and understood.  While coils
may be well researched in some circles, the general public has little,
if any, knowledge of them. (You have no idea of how many times I have
mentioned "Tesla coils" in front of people and they thought I said
"testicles"!) The "WOW" factor of Tesla coils in operation is one of the
best ways to SPARK (excuse the pun) their interest.  

I have also considered winding designs other than the cylindrical and
flat pancake, but these are mostly just off the wall abstracts.  

Kerry "Kilroy" Ludwig