Re: TC Electrostatics

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>What, exactly are "scalar waves"?
>I often see references to these mysterious waves mentioned in the 
>"fringe" literature but have never come across a definition of any 
>kind.  The closest thing that I can find in the regular literature is 
>that of a "scalar field" but even that definition is circular and not 
>informative.  Am I correct in assuming that a "scalar" anything is a 
>thing which has Magnitude but no Direction?  And what does this look 
>like in a wave or a field?



This is probably not the appropriate forum to discuss general scalar 
theory, unless it is in some way connected to experimental results from 

A good place to start is E. T. Whittaker's papers.  Better yet, you may 
obtain "A History of the Theories of Aether and Electricity" by Sir 
Edmund Whittaker from any reference library.  Or, you may also purchase 
one as a reprint by the American Institute of Physics.  It's Volume 7.