Re: HV-DC Supply

	If you use a half-wave voltage doubler on each side of the
neon transformer and hook the outputs in parallel (only one output
capacitor needed) you will get the same voltage as if you used
a bridge across the full winding.  I've simulated such a circuit
here (much easier than hooking it up) and appears to work fine.
One thing I observe is voltage overshoot at turn on with no load.
I also observe definite resonance effects with small series
capacitors (0.01 ufd to 0.02 ufd with simulated 12 kV, 60 ma
transformer).  Could do a systematic study and post results, or
find myself a 15 k
15 kV power load and run an experiment.
	By the way, that 1 ufd 20 kV capacitor is indeed something
to blow yourself up with, as you suggest.  I remember long, long
ago working on a CRT indicator with a guy who was really playing
it safe.  He put a 10 meg resistor in series with the (rather high
current) HV supply, then a 1 ufd cap to ground to get the impedance
down!  He never could see the folly in that.