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> > I have used cyanoacrylate glues and spray accelerators.  The combination
> > works well.
> >
> Cyanoacrylate's are most often used in model airplanes.  They work best
> with wood, in model airplanes it's balsa, but pine, plywood, etc, will
> work.  It sets in 3 seconds, and it's usually reasonably priced.  If you
> want to buy the aforementioned glue, pick up a copy of RCModeler magazine
> or e-mail me and I can give you the URL for a mail-order place.  TTYL!
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Cyanoacrylate ester is also the prime ingredient in the wide variety of
super glues, and is available in every grocery, convenience, hardware,
etc. store, although usually not in gallon jugs!