Re: Capacitors again

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> Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 13:19:50 -0500
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> Subject: Capacitors again
> I am still working on building a small coil for the winter.  Thanks for all
> the good comments on how to cut glass (wine bottles).  Now that I know how, I
> am abandoning that idea because of the shape of the bottles - poor aspect
> ratio with 3.0" dia and only 7.0" winding length.  Instead I will use a 2.5"
> dia acrylic tube with 11.0" winding length.
> But like all Tesla coil builders, I still need capacitors.  I don't want to
> spend the money to buy a commercial cap (again) - this is trying to be a
> small, quick, not too expensive, December project.
> I remember lots of discussion several months ago about doorknob caps -
> someone posted info about who still has some of these for sale.  Does anyone
> have any information on this - or have some for sale?  I know they are not
> the best, but for a small project like this, short run times, etc. I would
> like to try them.
> Thanks for the help,  Ed Sonderman

	C&H is another supply house that has the exact caps you've
called for. I don't have there phone number with me (maybe somebody
else has it). But if I remember correctly these litle 40KVDC jewels
cost on the order of $30 or more each.

My three cents.
D. Gowin