Re: Tesla Design Programs

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>Subject: Tesla Design Programs
>I have been doing repeated calculations on a new small coil - the long 
>by hand and wondered what tesla coil calculation programs are out 
>there.  I
>have a program called "The Tesla Coil Designer" by Walt Noon dated 
> It is quite inflexible in that it only approaches the problem from 
>design a complete system.  It would be handy to be able to work with 
>single component - like just the secondary.
>I checked the ftp site and downloaded what I thought was Teslacalc but 
>got a file that tells me how to build a begineers type coil.  What 
>else is
>out there?
>Thanks,  Ed Sonderman
I am sending you a program from one of my other address's.  You should
receive it soon.  Hope it's helpful.

Kerry "Kilroy" Ludwig