Re: Heat from pig resistance.

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> Daniel,
> I forgot to mention that I was using the oven elements in parallel with the
> welder.  That is why they aren't too hot at this point, all 20 or 30 amps of
> primary current wasn't flowing through the elements.  I plan to try using
> them in series and then they will probably get real hot.  At 20 amps primary
> current and 6 elements in parallel for a total of 4 ohms, it would dissipate
> 1,600 watts.  At 30 amps primary current it would be 3,600 watts.
> This points out a problem that I had not thought about - which is if the
> resistance is used in series with the inductive ballast, you need much lower
> resistance.  I believe Richard Hull said he used .5 ohms.  If I am going to
> use 2000 watt oven elements, I would need 50 of these in parallel to get down
> to .5 ohms.  I can see why you need to go down to .5 ohms - if you use even 1
> ohm at 30 amps, you are going to drop 30 volts across the resistor and loose
> about 14% of your total input power right there.
> For those who are using series resistance, what are you using??  It can't be
> 50 oven elements.
> Ed Sonderman

	Just wanted to mention that I also use the oven elements in parallel
with my welder.  I have never even tried the series arrangement, I guess
for two reasons.  The first being that I also thought the voltage drop
wouldn't help performance and the second reason was that I got such good
results with the parallel connection.  I used two 2200 watt elements
that I wired in series with themselves, then one element only and then
the two both in parallel with the welder.  A single element in parallel
with my welder gave the best spark length and this was really easy to
see, without any doubt in the results.  There has already been a number
of poosts on the facts surrounding this type of results so I won't again
dive into that stuff.  Since this was working I never needed to try the
series arrangement.  A bit off subject from your question, but I hope it
is of some interest.

Chuck Curran