Re: Colorado coiler teslathon( RF coils )

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> Interesting you should ask .. a few years ago I tried building what you would
> call a bi-polar coil that I planed to run at 4mhz. the output of the coil
> went to an ozone generating cell, my idea was to see if raising the frequency
> of an ozone generator to the RF range wouls increase the efficiency of the
> unit ( electric ozone generators usually run around 8-10% efficient). The
> output of my Kenwood TS-530s was feed into a Dentron Jr antenna tuner to get
> a balanced output for the TC primary ... to make a long story short, the end
> result was that I was never able to get the tuner to handle the impedance of
> the TC primary ...when I tuned it to resonance, the tuner would start arcing
> inside.. I should have set up the primary to a better match .. but It was one
> of those projects that never got completed ... I think if you set up a TC to
> operate at RF frequencies you will get a corona rather than long sparks ..
> much different effects .. you also need to worry about QRM effects ..even a
> good Faraday cage will leak and if it leaked too much, the FCC my ask what
> you are doing!! ..but it is an area of coiling that needs to be looked at ..
> I don't know of anyone who has done much work with coils at RF frequencies
> ....... Al Syme (KG0QJ)

	Our coils are already at RF frequencies and as long as we
coilers provide ample shielding (A Garage, metal case, or grounded
metal plates.) its not an issue the FCC is concerned about. So,
what is your point?

Tesla coiler at large.
D. Gowin