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 I have a possible jewel in storage that had completely slipped my mind. 
 I have a X-ray machine in storage.  If I remember correctly, it's
 capable of putting out 10kvac-100kvac (in 10kvac steps) at 0-100ma.  It
 had been in storage about 6-years, but was in operating condition at the
 time though it was very old.  With a little cleaning up and maybe some
 wiring replace in the control unit, this could be an incredible power
 supply.  What is the maximum driving voltage that can be used in Tesla
 coil primaries and still be practical?  Any other suggestions for 
 possible uses?  (I can't stand to just let it set!)  
 Kerry "Kilroy" Ludwig
 Kilroy1-at-juno-dot-com >>


It sounds like a great machine to tear down for parts.  I almost had one last
year.  Some guy in town here installs new x ray machines and told me he had
one coming up and I could have the old one.  Says sometimes he has to pay to
get rid of them.  I was excited - but it never came through.

Ed Sonderman