Re: Anyone have TC data base?

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>Hi Group,
>Does anyone have a collection of data from the postings to this list or
>other sources?
>I would be very curious to see/have a spread sheet or data base with the
>accomplishments of each coiler. 
>Some general stuff like this...
>Pri  Dia  Turns  Gauge  Cap  Sec  Dia  Turns  Gauge  Cap  Supply  Volt 
>Curr  Spark Length
>spiral 12" 12T   #6    5.6nF 8.2mH 2-3/8" ~960 #28 12"toroid  neon 15KV
>30mA  ~18"
>Dave Huffman

 Dave -

Several years ago I began collecting this type of information on Tesla
coils. I took this empirical data and with math regression methods converted
the data into graphs and equations. The results give the coiler information
on how to design and build a typical Tesla coil.

The graphs are shown in the books I have written and the equations were used
to develop the JHCTES computer program. The books provide the coiler with
both theory and construction information. The program gives the coiler a
design procedure that is unique in that it automatically keeps the 46 Tesla
coil parameters in tune when "what if" changes are made.

The books and program are for classical Tesla coils only. There is not
enough design and test informtion presently available for other types of
Tesla coils.

Many coilers have purchased the books and program and I receive numerous
favorable comments from the readers. The program has been recently upgraded
to the JHCTES Ver 2.3 and is also becomming a popular item. 

Jack Couture