Frequency calculations


There was a Tesla Math Formulary published on this list on 8-10-95 - courtesy
of Richard Quick I believe.  I was doing some calculations last night on my
new small coil and found a problem with equation # 6: Frequency of Coil.  The
formula given is: F=300,000 / T x W x pi x (.9144 / 36) x 4  where f =
frequency of the coil in khz, T = number of turns, W = width of the coil in

Using this formula, I get a number quite a bit lower (like 40 or 5% lower)
than I get using wheelers equation, caclulating the self capacitance then
calculating the resonate frequency .  I have measured the inductance of my
present coil and the self capacitance and the frequency and know these other
methods work as they should.

Has anyone else tried using this formula?

Ed Sonderman