Rotary Gap

Well my PVC and copper pipe 12 gap gap got dirty and was fireing unreliably
so i decided to build a rotary. Why clean when you can build right? It is 4
on the plate and 2 stationary with a 1800 rpm (i'm guessing) induction
motor. Hooked it up and what a mess. 

Now the primary arcs all over the place  i even saw some 2-3 inch stuff down
around the chokes and pvc & copper gap (now in series/parallel) with the
rotary. Most of the arcing is from the inner most turn of the primary to the
base of the secondary.

The wires on the rotary are a little long 2ft so i taped the primary down to
see if that helped. No luck, it's still arcing though i am getting 4-5 inch
from the toroid. Down from 19inch.

12kv 120ma neon

11 turn 1/4" copper 1/4" spaced 30deg spiral 13.5" od 4.5"id taped at 11

1065 #24awg 3.125" form 24" long

 24 salt water series/parallel for about .006 uf total.

What's wrong? 
Is this over driven?
How can i fix it?
How do gap safety gaps for the ct neon.

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