Model-T coil update

Hello all,

        I finished my Model-T Ford coil TC with some
surprising effects. I determined the 'buzz' of the Ford
coil to be about 500hz. I used the cap and secondary 
that used to be with the Information Unlimited kit I
had bought. I made a small 2-gap static gap and used
a brass doorknob as my torroid. I have yet to try this
coil with a 6 volt battery and am presently using a
hobby battery charger to run it. I made a helical type
primary by cutting 3 inches off the top of a plastic
cup obtained at a fast food restaraunt by purchasing
a 'large' drink. After tuning and coupling, I get 2"
of spark and when attached to a hand held metal
rod, has absolutely no shock felt at all. I then tried
something I would NEVER do with a TC of larger
size...I held my hand within strike range and let the
output run around my hand and fingers. There is a
tingle but nothing harmful. I believe Tesla did this
with higher outputs and recorded the effects.