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> > Subject: hyfrecator

> > Hello!
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> > Has anybody out there heard of a hyfrecator (doctor's instrument.)  From the
> > name, I assume they use some sort of hi-frequency.  Do they have a Tesla Coil
> > inside?
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>         Yes, I had one of these instruments a while back--it was
> in a black plastic case, and had a round knob on the front.  The
> round knob adjusted the voltage output, which went via an insulated
> wire to a plastic probe-like device with a sharp metal tip.  It
> looked like some kind of dental instrument.  I could get maybe
> 30kV out of it, so I think it does have a small tesla-type coil
> inside, or maybe just a step-up xformer like a tv flyback.
> Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any other questions.
>         -Jon


You've just jogged my memory. I remember a tool you seem to have
described and it was used to test rebuilt picture tubes for cracks. It
did use a miniature Tesla coil in that a primary tank circuit excited a
secondary of high number of turns to produce an extremely high voltage
at low current to see if the voltage would penetrate the fused glass of
a repaired picture tube. The resemblance to a Tesla coil is uncanny,
even if unintentional.

  Rick Holland

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