Re: Fwd: spark plug gap

Spark plug gaps do not work to well.  I assume you are
building a really small coil.  Try using ball bearings.
Depending on what size your coil is you can go larger
or smaller in ball diameter.  Use several balls and spread
the gaps out evenly.  (Golf T's are good perches for
smaller bearings).  By adding or subtracting bearings
and gap distance you can tune your gap to the coil.
Wire it in series with your primary coil and capacitor,
and parallel with your supply transformer so the gaps
"short out" the supply when thet fire.  I'm no good at
ascii art, but there are several diagrams floating around
on how to wire a TC.
> Hi guys!
> I'm new to this list and to TC building.
> can someone tell me how to wire a spark plug gap.
> is it just wired in series?
> thanks for any info.
> Rick