Re: More Power

Hi Barry,

> I second that.  I cooked (flaming melt down) one 4kv,300mA photocopier
> transformer.  On the second transformer I put a static gap but set it too
> far apart (the sparks were awsome from the TC before the transformer
> arced over!).  I repaired the transformer and set the static gap to
> breakdown without anything connected to the transformer.  I also put
> a big choke (50 turns of RG58 without braid on 1" cross section by
> 3" by 4" hypersil "C" core) in series with the transformer.  Fired the coil
> for N hours without so much as a sputter out of the transformer.
> Barry

Your choke would actually have been better if you'd used the braid 
IMO!  You don't want a ringing choke although the core would have been 
something of a Q killer at TC frequencies.