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>> If I do make a small coil using a wine bottle, I need to cut about 1.5" off
>> the neck of the bottle so the small toroid won't be too high.  Does anyone
>> know how to cut bottles?  I remember reading that you can take a string
>> soaked in lighter fluid, tie it around the bottle, light it and let it burn
>> for 10 seconds or so and then dunk in it a bucket of water.  Has anyone tried
>> this - or got any better ideas?

My son-in-law neatly separates the tops of champagne bottles by whacking
them with a sabre or a heavy knife just below the cork.  Surprizingly, I
have not encountered glass shards in the champagne {but I haven't let him
practice on any good French champagne}.  Wallace Edward Brand.  P.S.  It is
best to keep grandchildren separated from this activity.