Re: Wine bottle Tesla coils

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>Ed:  the fuel-soaked string works.  Got to move fast, once the flame 
>out, and should use eye protection.  You need to dunk the neck in real
>cold water, and plink.
>If you have a length of nichrome wire you can wrap it in a single 
>hook it to a high current battery or a lowvoltage trans of some kind;
>same result.
There is an article in the Dec.' 90 issue of Popular Electronics (p.36) 
called "The Hot Wire Bottle Cutter"  that I think is what you need.  It
shows how to build a simple bottle cutter using nichrome wire and just a
few other parts. It also shows how to build a simple jig for scoring the
bottle to get straight cuts and in the right spot.  (A tapered bottle
would be hard to cut free-hand!)  It evens gives sources for the wire if
you have trouble finding it.  Any local library should have back issues
that you can go to.  If you have trouble finding it, e-mail me direct.

Kerry "Kilroy" Ludwig