Re: Colorado coiler teslathon( RF coils )

...My basic point was that in using a ham radio transmitter, the power output
of your coil will be in the middle of a ham radio band of frequencies. The
FCC will allow you to operate your transmitter for a minute or so to tune it
up... but after that they want you to identify who you are with call letters.
This is far different from a spark drive coil where I would guess most of
your RF power is radiated in the 40-200KHZ range .. A Tesla coil is nothing
more than a type of antenna .. If your are running a coil that is using say
2KW of power, your putting out a pretty good signal at the resonant frequency
of the secondary coil ... Spark gap transmitters were outlawed because they
put out signals on all the frequencies!  ... it would be interesting to see
what the output of a spark gap coil looks like on a spectrum analyzer, we
might be supprised where the energy is going ..  .. Al Syme