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<< Awsome info!  Did Beay recommend any particular part numbers?
 Are these capacitors the same as used in induction heaters?
 Do they make them in metal cans?
 Barry >>

They make many high frequency high voltage capicitors but three in particular
are on their "Tesla Coil List" and are picked for common neon aplications as

.005mf  -at- 7kvac $22.00 . . . Part # GR70-502A
.01mf  -at- 15kvac $155.00. . .Part # BNZ1500-103A
.005mf -at- 21kvac $160.00. . .Part # BNZ1500-502A

The "GR" part number cap is a "reconstituted mica" cap epoxy coated.
The "BNZ" caps are housed in bakalite cases with silicone oil fill.  

I don't know if these caps are used in induction heaters or not, I got the
feeling in talking to Beau that these caps were designed and built
specifiecally for TC use.  I'm shure that they make others that are for
induction heeters.

They do make other HV caps in metal cans but they don't use metal cans and
the then required ceramic insulators (which are very expensive) in an effort
to keep the costs down for cost consious TC builders.  I also suspect that
the bakalite case reduces the likelyhood of arcing and shorting at the very
high peak voltages that a TC circut sees.  But if you have some extra money
to throw at it I'm shure they would be hapy to custom build one for you in
the case material of your choice.