Re: TC Electrostatics

> >I saw an interesting thing while firing my coil on the work bench. An
> >article from a magazine was hanging from a hook about 20" from the
> >discharge electrode. When the coil was operated the paper pulled itself to
> >the pegboard clearly do to electrostatic charge. It's amazing how much
> >static these things put out.
> >Dave

Last weekend I had my first chance in months to play with my big coil.  On
saturday it was quite dry, and I found myself getting zapped by practically
everything in the room.  I received a particularly good one right through
the chest while lifting the coil by its top edge with one hand, while
placing a tuperware container under it with the other (to reduce coupling).
I've gotten zapped by the residual charge on a coil form several times (who
hasn't), but hadn't expected the jolt to go right through  to the hand
touching only the container.  Even a highly charged dielectric shouldn't
have done this(??).  Anyway I'll definitely stick to one hand technique
next time!  Also noticed the cobwebs hanging from the rafters all swinging
in towards the coil whenever power was applied.  Needless to say, this
ongoing discussion of TC electrostatics was in my thoughts.   Very
interesting stuff indeed!  The damp low pressure system that came into the
area on sunday was quite welcome.

Charles Brush