Re: Wine bottle Tesla coils

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> Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 14:34:58 -0500
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> Subject: Wine bottle Tesla coils
> If I do make a small coil using a wine bottle, I need to cut about 1.5" off
> the neck of the bottle so the small toroid won't be too high.  Does anyone
> know how to cut bottles?  I remember reading that you can take a string
> soaked in lighter fluid, tie it around the bottle, light it and let it burn
> for 10 seconds or so and then dunk in it a bucket of water.  Has anyone tried
> this - or got any better ideas?
> Ed Sonderman


Our local HW store sells a hacksaw blade thats really a wire covered
with silicon carbide crystals that will saw right through glass and
other very hard/brittle materials. Sells for about $5.00 and works!
Emptying the bottle's the best part though...

Safe coilin' to ya, Ed!

-- Bert --