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> Richard ... you may be looking at the key to Teslas' power transmission
> system ........ Al Syme


You maybe right, but I'm not deliberately looking or it.  I just 
received some good info which hasn't seen the light of day, in the form 
of some 1901 had written notes by Tesla on his Waldorf-Astoria 
stationary.  (It seems he used their paper for doodling and taking 

According to what I have in hand, and this stuff is incredible, he was 
actually planning on using the earth as part of a simple capacitive  
divider!  The more material I get my hands on in the way of honest data 
(from the horses mouth), the more I find the man was a very deep thinker. 
 It appears that the resonance system was just a means to an end and the 
RF portion (as we know it), was waste material, or at best, a way of 
individualizing transmission.  My mind is still reeling a bit.  I also 
just acquired some personal letters from Tesla to Stanford White (the 
famous architect).  As you may know, White designed Wardenclyffe.  Based 
on these papers, I have in hand, Tesla had plans far vaster than were 
actually realized in the finished version of Wardenclyffe!

According to his calulations, based on planned installations, he could 
swing the earth through about a 16 volt excursion whether you were in 
downtown New York or Tokyo!  This was using simple electrostatic 
transfer!  Key to the issue, and something no one has ever done, was a 
massive 100 meter terminal which could be charged to a minium of 10 
million volts.  One or the other of these items, by itself, would not be 
sufficient.  As a matter of fact, the real key was indeed, the terminal!

Richard Hull, TCBOR