Re: Tapered Secondary Coil

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glorious snip of massive headings....

> > Skip,
> >
> > I have wound a couple of conical coils (tapered) and inverted them as
> > well.  The inversion grossly reduces the coupling in a standard primary.
> > (All the inductance and wire is up top!).  In general, I found that
> > normal conical coils are somewhat disappointing.  The self shielding
> > aspect of the inverted resonator is quite novel, but the prmary would
> > have to be modified to achieve good results.
> >
> > Richard Hull, TCBOR
> Richard
> Can you give me a couple of hints as to how you held the wire to the
> cone and also what you made the cone from.
> Thanks
> Skip

The best cone I ever wound on was a PVC cone from a cheeleaders 
megaphone.  (cheerleaders supply store.)  Note* the little formed and 
attached metal mouth piece ring was a handy for the terminal connection 
and toroid stand.

A conical resonator should be wound from the small diameter down towards 
the larger base end, only!  I sprayed scotch 77 spray adhesive 
(HomeQuarters) as I wound.  the wires held well with no dificulty at all. 
 I use a motorized winder in my work.  The whole thing took a few 

Other cones were made from plastic H.D.P.E. transmission oil fillers, 
industrial thread spools, etc.

Richad Hull, TCBOR