Wire falling off the form

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Hi Group,
There is some discussion about how to hold wire to a conical form. It must
be a real bear because I had a cylindrical form wire problem. I wound a
coil by hand on a PVC pipe section while watching the Bears loss a game a
few weeks back. The coil was nice and tight and ready for the protective
coating when I retired it to my basement for the night, and ~62deg.F. The
next evening I prepared to coat the coil when I noticed it had become quite
loose at the ends. I needed to rewind the coil at both ends (major pain)
before continuing. It seems the plastic expanded quite a bit from the
warmth of my hands wrt the copper wire. The double sided tape sounds like a
good method to keep the wire in place until the coating is applied. Or
maybe applying a varnish and allowing it to get tacky/gummy/semihard just
before winding. A winding fixture would also help keep the form at one
Just my $0.02
Dave Huffman