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>Just wondering how you connected to the AL foil, did you just wrap 
>the ends around something ?

All the plates in my cap had an extended tab for connections.
The tabs for each section were bunched together. Small holes were punched
through the tabs and connections were made by using small brass bolts and
All interconnecting wiring was aluminum strap.

>>I made 6 separate caps with 6 X 6 plates of heavy duty aluminum foil.
>>Each cap had 24 plates. Dielectric was 2 layers of 4 mil poly.
>>The 6 individual units were wired in series to achieved a higher
>>voltage rating. It sets in a homemade tank made from plywood with
>>a plexiglass inner liner. Took a little over 1.25 gallons of oil.
>>The final capacitance was a little over .008 mfd.
>>So far it has performed well on my coil at a little over 1.5 KVA.
>>Power is 12kv neons.
>>I planning a bit more ambitious cap for a winter project.
>>I would like to do a .0125 mfd cap with a 30 KVAC rating.
>>Lots of work but I have more time than money.
>>Mike Hammer
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