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> In a message dated 96-12-06 01:37:36 EST, D. Gowin writes:
> << You can find your caps at R&D Electronics 1-800-642-1123.
>  2500 pF                6KVDC           Z5U             $0.75
>  2000 pF                10KVDC          Real Big Disc   $1.95
>  5000 pF                16.5KVDC        D7OU502M        $2.95
>  Using a parallel/series network you can build these into
>  any voltage/capacitor rating you choose.
>   >>
> It is my recollection that caps rated for DC which the above seem to be,
> usually don't make very good TC caps because of the frequency at which they
> will be asked to perform (usually somewhere between 100khz and 1mhz for
> meduim and small Tesla
> Coils).  The dielectric material in DC caps usually becomes quite unhappy and
> has a major "loss" and heating problems which  increase with the operating
> frequency, (since the dielectrics of choice for DC are not at all the same as
> the dielectrics of choice for AC.)  While these caps might work after a
> fassion, and are certainly cheap, the energy loss that they would probably
> incur would detract markedly from the output of your coil.  If you have the
> funds, I would suggest buying  comercial AC cap or building your own from
> Polypropylene or Polyethylene and aluminum foil.
> -DavidF-

	If I remember correctly, the original requestor for this
information knew that. But yes, I've personally burned up
a bunch of these.

D. Gowin