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>> Subject: Wine bottle Tesla coils
>> Subject: Wine bottle Tesla coils
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>There are a number of jigs and tools out there to cut bottles, most mid
>1970's vintage.  I have several, and would be happy to cut bottle(s) for
>you.  Basically the jigs involve a glass cutter wheel and a fixed fence to
>hold the base against.  If you'd like more info, please let me know, I'd be
>happy to help out.  I'm sure you'll be able to help me out of a jam
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>> Subject: Wine bottle Tesla coils
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>> Subject: Wine bottle Tesla coils
>> If I do make a small coil using a wine bottle, I need to cut about 1.5"
>> the neck of the bottle so the small toroid won't be too high.  Does
>> know how to cut bottles?  I remember reading that you can take a string
>> soaked in lighter fluid, tie it around the bottle, light it and let it
>> for 10 seconds or so and then dunk in it a bucket of water.  Has anyone
>> this - or got any better ideas?
>> Ed Sonderman
Try taking a sabre or a very heavy kitchen knife (not necessarily one with a
finely honed edge because you'll have to sharpen it again} and strike the
bottle on the neck sharply, cutting edge of the blade forward.  This works
well with full bottles of champagne and if done properly,with sufficient
vigor,  will work with empty wine bottles. I do not use good cutlery but
rather a knife with a heavy blade that will not take a good edge. Be
careful.   Wallace Edward Brand